Monday, 17 June 2013

Eclipse loves you, but sometimes it's not easy love...

There are couple of things that are annoying in Eclipse, but overall it's great tool (and for JavaSE I prefer it even over IntelliJ), so it just needs to be fine tuned to be as awesome as Barney.

Firstly: - I personally love templates, and I started to love this one just few seconds ago - removing one of the grates pain in the ass: 
(List<Sth> sths= new ArrayList<Sth>();) of my daily work is the main reason for writing this entry.

Secondly - decrease autocomplete delay:

Making autocomplete really work (the way it should, IMO)

This is also worth to mention (but I stayed with default behavior here):

PS: <- this is damn awesome profiler (WAY better than JvisualVM, even with some plugins), too bad it's so costly and trial is only 15 days long. Anyway, that tool is surely WORTH being tested - just take a look here: It saved my ass last week.